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Helichem and Vipack join forces



Perfect chemical bond


The chemical companies Helichem (Belfeld) and Vipack (Landgraaf) have joined forces as of 9 October 2012. The two Limburg companies specialise in the production of cleaning and maintenance products under private label. The merger will generate the economies of scale sought by Helichem as well as a reinforcement of Vipack’s position in Landgraaf. Both sites will continue to exist. 


“We found each other at just the right time,” says Henk Vossen, director of the Helichem Group. “We were looking for economies of scale and Vipack was busy reinforcing its management. It soon become clear as early as our first meeting that a collaboration could provide this. This collaboration is the joining of forces of two healthy companies, both of which have achieved a steady increase in turnover in the last few years.”


Vipack specialises in the mass production of household and personal-care retail products. Helichem’s focus is on small and medium-sized runs for professional users and consumers. Its emphasis is on flexibility, delivery reliability, efficiency, the environment, corporate social responsibility and (often new) legislation. In order to be able to achieve this total service Helichem has for years invested in personnel, premises, filling lines and software, among other things, in areas such as operations, financial control, product management and legal compliance. Helichem aims to use its competences in these areas on a broader scale, for example by extending its focus to include mass production and retail.


The collaboration with Vipack will fulfil this aim, while Helichem’s staff and MT have sufficient capacity to manage both companies. Vipack’s sales and product management will be reinforced by the focus of former director Franz Vis and Helichem’s sales team. There will also be concrete synergy benefits to be gained in purchasing, R&D, quality control and quality assurance.


Thanks to this collaboration the Helichem Group will from now on realise an annual turnover of around EUR 30 million with over 100 employees.




For further information please contact Henk Vossen.

Tel +31 (0)65-3113293, E-mail henkvossen@helichem.nl


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