Liquid detergents

Vipack has a liquid detergent for almost any sort of fabric and any stain in its product range. These include:


Universal or all-purpose detergents, perfectly suited for washing whites and dirty coloured laundry.

Colour detergents for (mixed) colours

Mild detergents for delicates

Black detergents specially for dark colours


In the last few years, the temperature at which laundry needs to be washed has been falling even more; in the past whites would have to be washed at temperatures of 90 degrees; nowadays these can be cleaned at much lower temperatures. This saves on energy because water in the washing machine no longer has to be heated as much.



Senda Ultra Volwasmiddel 1500 mlSendil Fijnwasmiddel 1 LSendil Lessive Liquide Marseille 2 LSendil Universal 2x Active Gel 750 ml
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