Company profile

Vipack BV is a company which specialises in the production of liquid detergents, cleaning agents and rinse-off cosmetics.


Liquid detergents and cleaning agents

  • Washing-up liquids
  • All-purpose cleaners
  • Laundry detergents and mild detergents
  • Fabric conditioners 
  • Liquid soaps
  • Special cleaning agents


Rinse-off cosmetics

  • Hair shampoo
  • Shower and bath products
  • Hair conditioner
  • Liquid hand soap


These products are produced for the retail market, both domestically and internationally. Key markets abroad include Germany, Belgium, the UK and France. Products manufactured bearing the name of the retail chain are called private-label products.

All these products have been put together using ingredients in line with formulas that have been worked out in our own laboratory. Likewise, almost all bottles and containers for these products have been developed in-house. Most bottles required for this purpose are also produced internally.


Production process

The ingredients required are delivered both in bulk form as well as in CBIs, vessels and smaller packaging units. The bulk ingredients are stored in heated tanks and metered into mixing tanks using a computerised system. These mixing tanks are positioned on so-called “load cells” which measure the weight of the metered ingredients with great accuracy. These load cells are linked to the computer system into which the formulas have been entered, following which the operator can give the “go” signal. This system also regulates the speed and force of the mixing process.


The advantage of this batch-based production method is that irregularities are minimised in the final product. This final product is cooled if necessary and following inspection is pumped into finished-product tanks which vary in volume from 25,000 to 60,000 litres. It is from these tanks that the product is transferred via pumps to the filling lines. All filling lines operate automatically and several are fully automated with carton erectors and packing machines. There is also a semi-automatic machine for filling 5 to 10 litre cans destined for the semi-professional market.


After being palletised and film-wrapped, the finished product is sent to the warehouse. Each bottle, carton and pallet is then issued with a unique identification code. A sample is likewise taken from every batch. This is stored for 3 years in a separate depository so that any complaints received at a later date can be dealt with correctly.


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